Workshop: Analyzing Audiovisual Series

This month, the editors of Lost in TV will be the organizers of a workshop dealing with audiovisual series and the question of how to analyze them in an academic context. From August 24th to August 25th, six scholars will share their individual perspective on different aspects of TV and other series.

What is an audiovisual series? How can it be understood, categorized, or historicized? How does the internet influence the production, distribution and reception of series? These and other questions will be engaged during the workshop “Analyzing Audiovisual Series” that will take place at the University of Mannheim at the end of the month. Sven and I have organized it and we already look forward to surely fascinating panels, examples, ideas, and discussions.

The workshop is divided into four sessions dealing with different aspects of series analysis. The first session “Behind the Series” will be hosted by Marjolaine Boutet (University of Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens), a colleague who focuses on TV history and who will give us new insight into current developments of web platform publication of series and its predecessors. Aesthetics and narration dominate the second panel “In the Series”. Kathrin Rothemund (University of Bayreuth) and Sebastian Armbrust (University of Hamburg) will highlight (new) aspects of serialized storytelling.

The third session “On the Series” is chaired by Tanja Weber (University of Cologne). She will demonstrate present processes of hybridization in series genre and typology with the help of Sky Italia.The final panel “Beyond the Series” is co-hosted by Mélanie Bourdaa (Bordeaux Montaigne University) and Christine Piepiorka (Ruhr University Bochum) elaborating on transmedia strategies between storytelling and networked marketing.

Once the workshop is over, we will certainly report on any interesting news and results, so keep an eye out!