The early bird catches a small worm – Fall Season 2015

The first reviews of the fall season on US television are in and we couldn’t help but notice a trend: The new series seem to be rather boring. At least, that’s what most critics say. We will try to understand these evaluations in a two article-series and offer reasons why these assumptions are wrong or at least a bit simple. Felix will start, Sven will follow up.

In the last weeks, the first episodes of new network series aired with the beginning of the fall season, and you didn’t have to wait long for reviews already anticipating the outcome of the whole season like this one
or this one;s6.
The overall verdict: This season – more or less – sucks. It’s more formulaic, more safe and, accordingly, less innovative and exciting. NPR’s Eric Deggans sums up the seemingly worst examples:

There are TV versions of old movies (Fox’s Minority Report, CBS‘ Limitless), retreads of old hits (NBC’s Heroes Reborn) and new shows which seem like retreads of old hits (ABC’s Dallas-style soap opera Blood & Oil). (Deggans 2015)